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This forum is designed to promote a positive community. Posts that encourage constructive debate (agree and disagree), humor and helpful content gain a positive "Community Builder Score." Posts that are spam, trolling, cyber bullying, vulgar or bad manners hurt our community and will receive negative builder scores. All topics and posts are scored after receiving enough votes to establish a good sample. This scoring encourages our members to think critically about what they post and how they say it. While the online world is full of negativity, we believe positive communities can exist online with a bit of forethought and community feedback. Everyone's voice can be heard, however, to be effective, we encourage you to post your topics in a constructive and open dialog. We don't all have to agree, but we can disagree in a civil and constructive tone.

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By default, the forums filter out all posts and topics that fail to have a moderate score of positive community building. You can elect to increase this filter to show only the posts that demonstrate the highest level of community building.
Set Default Filter to "High"
Occasionally, you may want to visit the trolls in the basement. You can temporarily disable the filter and see all posts, including those that tear down our community, rather than build it up. This setting will reset on your next login.
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Turning off notifications and saving your preferences will clear all the forums and topics you have followed. You can turn them off, save, then turn them back on again as a way to start a new list of topics to follow.
Enable this option if you would like to follow and receive notifications on topics that you create.
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