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2023-04-19 18:49

20k Mill City Minimum Batch

Hey y’all!

Was curious if anyone with a Mill City 20k had any experience with minimum batch sizes?

We’re looking to implement two batch sizes (minimum and our largest at 28lbs). Looking for advice like:

  • Better to do the smallest batches first in the day or last?
  • What is the smallest suggested batch?
  • Good starting charge temperature for minimum batch size on 20k?
  • Best way to approach the difference in probe temperature from smallest batch to largest batch?
  • Any other advice?

Our first coffees at smallest batch with be some decafs, a Natural Las Lajas, and an Anaerobic Mexico Natural.

Thanks y’all!







2023-04-20 12:23

I have 15kg my production batches are at 11kg most of the time. The smallest batch I try was 1kg for fun and holy crap the RoR was crazy high and the roast was done in 3 minutes lol 75% of full load seem to be the way to go with my roaster so far. I had Las Lajas Black Diamond soooooo good.



2023-04-21 11:03

We have a 20kg, the sweet spot for me has been in the 16-18kg range. The lowest batch size that I have been able to replicate multiple roasts with has been at 10kg, but I had to mess around with drum speed and wouldn't recommend doing that for the first batch of the day depending on your warmup process.





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