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2023-09-05 12:51

adjust time length when reviewing profiles?

I've trolled the forums a bit with no luck. Is there a way to reduce the time scale when reviewing roasts in the web browser? In the roast chart display there are options to change max temp, but nothing for time.

It would appear the default is 15:00, but if the roast goes longer, it will expand, as I found out on a test/warmup roast I recorded. I have several roasts that are between 7:30 and 9:00, so when reviewing I'm left with a long 6ish minutes of blank/empty graph. It's more of an issue seeing some of the details, as the graphs are already quite small. Thanks!

Curious if it's possible, and also curious if this is a feature you'd consider adding.







2023-09-05 13:04

Hi Dustin,

As you've discovered that is not a feature RoastPATH currently has. But, it is definitely a feature we will consider adding.

Thanks (as always) for the great feedback! I'll be sure to pass this feature request to the Dev team.





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