Announcements     App Update 12/21/2020

2020-12-29 16:13

App Update 12/21/2020

What's new in this release?

  • Notebook

You will notice that Notes are no longer on the bottom left hand corner of the app. We have moved notes to the right hand slide out in the Notebook. This move allowed us to accomplish larger touch targets and new controls to set the time and value of the note. A slider enables macro adjustments while the buttons allow micro adjustments. The value textbox is still editable if you prefer to just type. Notes can be selected in the list to edit or delete. When a note is saved the fuel, fan, or drum value will be adjusted and the FFD chart will reflect that value.

  • Display Settings

We went through this view to clean up and organize the layout. Chart and timer visibility can now be set separately. There is also the ability to toggle automatic turning point and drop events on and off. If you notice your turning point and drop events are no longer being recorded automatically, you may need to check the toggle in this view.

  • Modbus Polling

We were experiencing issues with some Modbus roasters while retrieving values from the sensors. This resulted in dropouts and poor charting. We’ve changed the way we are communicating with Modbus and will be actively monitoring this until all issues are resolved.









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