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2023-10-19 11:26

BT vs Control Panel Temp Control When Charging

Hi All,

What would you say is the more accurate charge temp? The BT readout in RoastPath or the Temp Control readout on the control panel? The reason I ask is the BT is lower than TC and sometimes the TC will be a steady number while the BT will climb slightly. So I’m just trying to figure out which number I should aim for when writing a recipe and going for consistency. Also BT is what RoastPath shows for the charge temp in the notes section.









2023-10-19 16:53

Hi Ender,

Great question, which I think generally comes down to personal preference. But, if you want the ability to do record charge with either Bean Temp or Drum Temp (the Temp Control value) in RoastPATH, you can! All you need to do is schedule a meeting with MCR Support to update your Roasters Firmware.

This update will also make your Roaster compatible with Roast Replay, our automation functionality inside of RoastPATH.

I've just sent you an email with instructions to schedule and be prepared for the Firmware Update meeting.

If other users would like the Firmware on their Digital Roaster updated as well, you can begin the process by emailing in to and requesting the Replay Firmware update.



2023-10-19 23:27

Hi Ender,

I use Temp Control / Drum Temp for 2 main reasons:

1. The DT probe sits higher in the drum, which gives me a more stable temp reading at idle. Because of that, I feel more confident in knowing when the drum (and the roasting system as a whole) is actually at the given temp as opposed to just the temp that the probe is reading.

2. If my computer dies or RoastPATH crashes, I can still roast manually without the need for software. This piece of mind is extremely valuable to me.

Hope this helps!






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