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2023-10-18 19:27

Flat Tasting Brazil

Hey All,

I'm working on developing a profile for a Brazilian and my last three batches cupped pretty flat and uninteresting (profiles linked below). For these roasts I was focusing on Final Temp, and Phase Percentages to better understand this bean (and my roaster). I neglected my ROR curve. I'm assuming my fairly flat ROR is the reason these cupped so poorly. Is there anything else I'm overlooking or should be mindful of?



Brazil Test 6

Brazil Test 7:

Brazil Test 8:







2023-10-20 08:47

Why are you keeping your fuel static?

I suspect you are destroying some of the flavors in the outer seed by that constant application of heat.



2023-10-20 22:09

Short answer: I thought keeping one variable constant (fuel) while adjusting another variable (Fan Speed) would help me learn more about my roaster and these new beans.

Longer answer: I assumed that if my fuel was just enough to get me to Second Crack, without roast defect, then I could use the Fan Speed to control my Green To Yellow and First Crack milestones as well as Drop Temp, and Total Roast Time.

I also assumed that the finish Time and Temp was more important than the curve but it seems as if they work best in concert.

Your comment is a bit of a lightbulb moment and helps tremendously.



2023-10-21 05:51

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man , but the end thereof are the ways of death" of flavor. 🤣

I've been inspired by the capability of our new website (Thanks be to Angie and her amazing design team and Nick for some custom functionality) to write seemingly endlessly (be forewarned) on the endless conundrum which is roast and coffee quality

Spend an evening or two reading the most recent posts.

It will either vastly improve your coffee or be a vastly superior replacement for your nightly dose of Melotonin.

If you find it helpful, keep an eye on that page. We'll be posting a section on green coffee buying maybe as soon as next week. Probably sample roasting the week after and then sometime in the next month or roastery brand building strategies for startup and scaling businesses.



2023-10-21 17:45

I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts and are eager for the next installments.

Your two most recent posts (along with Robb Hoos' "Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee" and Nicki Amouri's "Tasting the Roast Curve" talk from Roast Summit 2022 were the inspiration behind my approach to these Brazil roasts. While the result was not what I was expecting, you're comment helped me to connect some more dots.

"The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death" of flavor...





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