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2020-11-20 14:56

Greetings from the UK

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to quickly post and introduce myself. I'm Iain from Newcastle, UK and I own Canny Goat Coffee. I've had a coffee shop for a little while, but recently made the decision to venture into roasting. I've never roasted before, so I aim to learn through a lot of reading, experimenting, cupping and repeating! The Mill City video content has also been a big help so far and reading this forum helped me get set up, so thank you :)

As I've never worked with other software or machinery previously, I hope to give some feedback from the point of view of a total novice looking for intuitive features and an easy-to-navigate user interface. I'm using the MCR-3 Digital.

The aim is to be roasting a product I'd be happy to serve and retail within six months, and acquire a couple of small wholesale customers within one year...hopefully this is realistic?

Looking forward to chatting with you all and sharing our roasting experiences!







2020-11-20 16:43

Cheers Lain, I'm an American... lived in Peterboro, UK back in 2006-2007. Hit me up at I'd like to share roasting adventures/experiences as I'm in a very similar situation. All the best.



2020-11-23 16:25

Hey Iain! Nice to see you on the forums. Thanks for joining us here. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and questions regarding the digital 3kg.






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