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2020-06-15 22:22

Hello from Manitoba, Canada!

Hi everyone! I'm Brett, from Garage 41 Coffee, and I roast on a 2019 MC 2kg, the first shipment of CSA approved roasters! Thank you for having me be a part of the Beta testing! I'm excited to see where it goes! I've been using Artisan up till this point.

I used it this evening for about 6 hours or so and noticed a few things..... Now they could be caused by my older laptop?

I had a few things stand out to me:

1)Bean Temp Projection, when turned ON, would blink randomly, in Artisan, it's just a dotted line that is remains on. Maybe it to do with my second point?

2)I found Roast Path to have lots of hesitation/delay.... mouse clicks, typing, even the timer while roasting would jump random seconds instead of being smooth

3)When I go to choose a Master Path to use as a background layer, it does NOT show me which green beans (country) the Master Path is associated with. It makes it difficult to choose the correct one.

Thanks for the help and I look forward to working with everyone!







2020-06-18 09:55

Hey Brett,

thanks for the feedback. I will make a note about the bean temp projection. There may be something we can optimize there so that it updates in a smoother fashion.

When it comes to app hesitation/delay, are you experiencing this all the time or just after the app has been open and running for a while? We are currently seeing the app slow down after some time and are actively looking for the issue.

I have created a task to populate the 'Green' column in the Add Underlay view. I believe we missed this when we introduced 'Coffees' into the app and we need to switch this over to show the Coffee name.




2020-06-18 16:07

Thank you Cole for the reply. I am enjoying being part of the beta process.

I will be roasting again on Monday and will try an pay attention to when the program begins to lag. I know for sure it is doing it after awhile, but I'll check what I find when I first start it up.

Thank you for looking into the 'Green column' populating. It was quite frustrating seeing that the column existed by was empty. lol

Two things I would personally find helpful, not sure anyone else would.

1)But is there a way to get the MasterPath of a roast to show up as soon as you select which roast version you are doing in the top right corner? Rather than having to make multiple selections before each roast change. I currently do roast beans from 8 different countries with each have their own individual profile.

2)In Artisan, there was a button to mark the end of first crack which marked on the screen the time it happened so that you had a quick reference of time to end the roast if you were doing a light or a medium. The same with the start of second crack, for the on screen visual time stamp. Don't know if this interests anyone, but to have a quick and easy visual time stamp of some of the events so you can make your decisions from there. Especially with the lag that is happening, I can't rely on moving the mouse quickly over the point of reference on the graph.

Just some thoughts. Thanks again!



2020-06-23 12:22

So I was roasting last night, and using RoastPatch of course, for about 5 hours, and thought I would give an update. I was trying to pay attention to the hesitation/delay in the program. It did seem to be good at the beginning, and then just kind of switched. I did notice, however, that whenever there was a "pause" in time (the timer/program would stop functioning for 2-6 seconds and then jump forward) every time it corrected itself, once in awhile the "bridge" check mark, but usually both the "bridge" and "sensor" check marks would flash to X's and then return to normal functionality.

My wireless network isn't always great out there, the signal is fairly weak, but I almost always have some signal. I know the wireless isn't dropping out as often as the program delays are happening. I figure the delays would happen approximately 1-5 times each minute of roast.






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