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2024-03-08 12:52

Low ROR readings


I have a question about the ROR readings I'm getting on my MCR-500. I see so many other roast profiles on this exact machine with similar charge temps and gas/air/drum settings which are usually showing initial ROR readings between 30 - 45 degrees/min. The highest ROR reading I seem to have on any roast is 26 degrees.

My events, phase times, finish temps, and even cuppings are seemingly normal and ideal, I'm just curious as to why my ROR readings are so much lower than those on just about every profile I'm seeing. I'm usually using initial gas settings of 1.7-2.1 kPa or 60%-70% of my max gas... should I be using higher gas settings to achieve a higher ROR, or should I be content with what seem to be normal events/finish temps/results, etc.?

I'm attaching a profile which shows my typical ROR progression, with a link to that roast here:

Thank you!








2024-03-09 05:51

Probably all just an artifact of the BT thermocouple turning point. Lower turning point produces a higher ROR. Higher turning point produces a lower ROR.

Thicker thermocouples read a higher turn. Thinner thermocouples read a lower turn.

If you are hitting your roast targets, don't sweat it. Thermometry is mostly a relative reference for your machine and installation only.



2024-03-11 05:16

Haven't seen the type of ROR you're describing over the course of a roast in my experience. Perhaps in some initial spots at turnaround.

ROR is useful reference point but if you're a) tasting correct coffee in the cup and b) have a generally steady decline in ROR over the roast around or after G/Y then I wouldn't sweat the numbers.

Your curve looks "normal" enough to the eye, I usually try to let the coffee turnaround as close as I can to 200F but every coffee is different. Graphs don't show taste unfortunately so I'd let that be your primary evaluation metric.





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