Announcements     RoastPATH App Update: 1.7.2212

2024-01-03 13:37

RoastPATH App Update: 1.7.2212

Hello RoastPATH Community!
We're thrilled to share the latest update to our app, packed with new features and fixes to make your roasting experience even better. Windows users will receive the update from the Microsoft Store and macOS users can find a download to the update here
Here's a summary of the updates and features in this release:
Underlay Shift
What is Underlay Shift? Underlay Shift allows you to adjust and fine-tune your roast profiles by shifting the underlay of your graphs. This can be done quickly on the fly by entering a positive or negative number resulting in shifting the underlay forward or backward in time, or visually by opening the shift view and using the arrow buttons to move the underlay to the desired location.


  • Addressed issues with starting roasts, logging in with an expired free subscription, and user access.

Roast Replay

  • Unable to set Fan/Drum to values of 10 or less: Safety threshold changed to 0.5 for flexibility.
  • Resolved Roast Replay button error when using Base Digital Config.
  • Fixed errors with Roast Replay button in Manual Roaster mode or when using Base Digital Config.
  • Addressed issues related to using Replay with a non-compatible reference.


  • Switched auto notes to look at rounded values instead of truncated values for better change detection.
  • Manual machine notes setting range adjusted to 0-100.


  • Users are prompted to save edits before exiting.
  • Fixed issue where new coffee nickname was invisible


  • Users are prompted to save edits before exiting.
  • Fixed the issue of the variety picker being surrounded by white space.

Roast Review

  • Added a preheat event for a more detailed review.
  • Addressed issues related to unsaved changes prompting the user to save.

Live Roast

  • Fixed issues with event display, duplicate creation, and deletion.

Readings Frequency

  • Bug Fix: Readings frequency has been pushed down to the bridge timer.
  • Readings frequency can now be set with one decimal place.
  • Implemented a maximum value for readings frequency.


  • Cleared all dialog messages upon logout.

We appreciate your valuable feedback and collaboration in making our app the best it can be. Please continue to share your thoughts and enjoy an even more improved roasting experience with these updates!
Happy Roasting!







2024-03-07 01:53

Hey Guys

I'm just wondering if there will Roastpath be available for Ipads in the near future?





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