Announcements     RoastPATH Version 1.7.1815 Release Notes

2023-08-23 16:00

RoastPATH Version 1.7.1815 Release Notes

Our development and testing teams have been busy speaking with beta testers, getting feedback, recording bugs, and making great progress on improving your experience with RoastPATH.

This release is largely bug fixes and feature usability improvements. Some of you may recognize a few items from the list below, though most of these issues only affected individuals or small user groups.

Fuel and Drum Note Handling

  • Fixed an issue where fuel events could not be marked as complete if the note status was skipped.
  • Resolved the issue of fuel and drum notes not being inserted during a manual roast.

Replay and Adjustment Functionality

  • Corrected the behavior where a skipped adjustment would still occur 5 seconds after being ghosted.
  • Addressed the issue of recording multiple notes in sequence for the same setting adjustment when adjustment only happened once.

Text Note Management

  • Solved the problem where text notes from an underlayed profile were saved to a notebook for a new profile, causing potential clutter.
  • Implemented an option to ignore decimal values and only record new fan notes when the 1s place value changes.

Manual Machine Configurations

  • Enhanced the ability to add new notes of all types during a roast in manual machine configurations.
  • Fixed the issue where trying to add a fan note while roasting on a manual machine caused the app to freeze.

Connection and Refresh Button

  • Resolved the issue in version 1.7.1412 where hitting the connection refresh button did not appear to reattempt the connection.

User Interface and Display

  • Fixed the problem where certain toggles and event markers remained unchecked or checked incorrectly.
  • Corrected the display of BT, ET, and IT on the timer, ensuring alignment with checkbox adjustments.

App Errors and Crashes

  • Addressed an unexpected error message when trying to delete a roast profile.
  • Fixed the issue where inputting letters in batch size caused the app to freeze and crash.
  • Resolved a bug that led to the automatic re-marking of a turning point after attempting to undo it.

Profile and Coffee Management

  • Corrected the problem where both previously selected profiles and re-roast profiles were underlayed simultaneously.
  • Fixed the duplication of the coffees list after editing an existing coffee.
  • Ensured that clicking any favorite profiles toggles the Roast Event dropdown as expected.

Roast Review and Replay

  • Addressed inconsistencies in Roast Review and Roast Replay settings related to DT (Drum Temperature) line and underlay display settings.
  • Fixed the issue where Replay setting Target Fuel or Fan Hz to 0 during a roast.
  • Corrected the unexpected behavior related to editing and saving Coffee in the app.


  • Fixed the prefilling of unspecified coffee instead of the selected coffee.
  • Resolved the issue where manually disabling ignition caused both ignition alerts to appear at the same time.
  • Fixed the problem where the reference profile's DT line was displayed but the DT setting was off.









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