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2023-10-04 14:57

Online Inventory Management

Hi RoastPATH Fam,

I'm looking to update my inventory management to something more robust than a spreadsheet. More specifically, I'm looking for something to assist on the backend of my online store.

As I'm sure you can all relate, I've got some coffees that I'm going to offer as:

  • Single Origin (in multiple sizes)
  • Component of a sample set
  • Component of a blend

As products get sold, I'd like my store (and greens inventory) to reflect the changes accordingly.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,


(I'm switching over from Squarespace commerce to Shopify as Shopify seems to have more robust backend options / features).







2023-11-13 11:28

I'm a little late to the party, but seeing you have no responses, all I can say is, I use a spreadsheet. I haven't found much that works to my liking. I do keep logs of all my roasts and can easily calculate usage. As for blends, I'm currently on all post roast blends, which does make it a bit easier to calculate usage from roast logs alone.

We do have the ability to do a report of product sales. I then take that data, copy it into a spreadsheet, and it can easily calculate all of my coffee components. I then usually add an average of 12% for calculating green poundage since I'm measuring data from roasted coffee. Between roast logs and sales reports, I get pretty good averages of coffee use.



2023-12-01 22:57

Check out Roastertools. I'm too small to justify the cost, but I tried the trial and was very pleased with what it did. you can enter your greens, your roasters, and the different bag sizes and blends that you sell. you then import your orders and it tracks roasted inventory and tells you exactly what to roast. If I was roasting and shipping every day it would be worth the price. Coffee Roasting Software for Wholesale Roasters | RoasterTools





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