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2024-02-12 09:36

What is the difference between Greens and Coffees

Hi, I have been working with the software for a year or so and I still haven’t figured out the difference between “Coffees” and “Greens” in RoastPATH. Is “Coffees” for when you are creating blends?

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2024-02-12 11:01

Hi - Think of 'greens' as your raw material inventory. For example, I have a Las Lajas from Costa Rica that was sourced from Cafe Imports with a Cafe Imports item number P21099. That would be green in my Greens library.

'Coffees' are the roasted coffee products I'm going to create using that green. For example, I might decide to use this green as a single origin roasted coffee but develop both a light roast and a dark roast versions to sell to customers. In this example, I'd create two separate coffees in my library (maybe named Las Lajas, Light and Las Lajas, Dark) - both will have the same green noted as their main component but they're two different coffees/products for my customers, I roast them using different profiles, and consider them two different SKUs in my inventory/e-commerce offering.

An additional thing to know about this is that coffees have versions (V1, V2, V3...) that allow you to change greens components. This is especially helpful when you have year-round branded blends and the components change due to harvest season availability. You can edit a coffee to swap out greens and RoastPATH will keep track on each profile what the green coffee was when that batch was roasted.

If you're bringing in small quantities of greens and only roasting one single-origin coffee in one roast profile, this can feel like a speed-bump in the process but separating this into greens and coffees is going to allow for greater flexibility on how you use your green coffee inventory in the future. This separation is also going to allow RoastPATH to track both green coffee and roasted coffee inventory in the future.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Here's notes on this from our Help section, too.





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